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As a full service media production company, we are able to include animation and motion graphics to our list of Sydney based services. To enhance your video, we have talented artists located in our Sydney animation studio who are able to suggest and complete graphic additions for your production.

Motion graphics are images or animations which are added to or integrated into live action film. They can be as simple as a graph appearing on screen next to a person discussing figures, or as complex as an immersive 3 dimensional character or landscape. Our animation studio in Sydney focusses on the simple addition of motion graphics.

Refine your explainer video

An explainer video is exactly as described, a video used to explain something. These can become tedious and uninteresting if not treated with a creative flair. Enter our creative wizards stage left. We excel in weaving unique and interesting stories for our clients and namely – turning the boring into something engaging.

Our animation studio in Sydney is equipped to make your video engaging and interactive by adding graphics. Animation is a fully computer generated image with movement. Rather than adding a motion graphic, our creative team can develop a full animation to add a vivid and exciting element to your next explainer video. Our solutions can capture a wide audience and we strive to artistically present your message in the most engaging way possible. An animated video becomes a creative and interesting way to clarify a concept or product, taking the dullness out of procedural videos.

Leverage your brand like never before

We prove time and time again that animation is not just for children. Our clients are diverse and unique to one another. most, if not all, could benefit from the integration of our tailored interactive solutions.

The quality and passion we have for our work shines through in your final product. We aim to deliver high-quality solutions to all our Sydney based clients.

Add something new and different to your next video

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When it comes to choosing between film production companies available in Sydney to tell your story, choose a team who will take the outside the box approach.

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