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Engage your funders with a kick-ass crowdfunding campaign video.

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If you’re starting a crowdfunding campaign, our team is here to help you develop your concept, script your ideas and kickstart the video production for you.

Have you got a crowdfunding campaign?

Most online videos are designed to communicate your product or idea to the masses with the potential to go viral at any minute. This potential means that if your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign doesn’t have a video presence, you will miss these amazing opportunities to spread the word about your product or idea.

Our team are here to carry you through from concept to delivery, meaning we are experts in developing and shaping your ideas and producing videos that perfectly compliment your product and boost your presence in the market. We can help with all things creative, so if you need some guidance about branding, marketing strategies or project management on top of your video, you can count on us.

If you would like to get in touch and find out how a crowdfunding video can help your campaign contact us today. We can work closely with your on your project and ensure that your ideas and thoughts are heard and communicated throughout the entire production process, meaning the finished video is perfectly tailored to suit your vision, product and campaign direction.

Contact us for any further questions or to book a meeting – we’re ready to help you raise funding for your campaign.

When it comes to choosing between film production companies available in Sydney to tell your story, choose a team who will take the outside the box approach.

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