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Educational institutions and government organisations hold a special place within our company.

Both government and non-government educational institutions have come to engage our services on a regular basis. We believe there is one reason for this – we understand their unique needs. We know there is a balance between telling the story, managing the many stakeholders, shuffling the budget and getting the job done.

Find that missing ingredient

Many educational videos encounter the same obstacles. They might have the right formula, the right information and the right ideas, but if they lack that creative dimension, they typically fall flat. This is where our innovative production house can pick up the slack and polish your current structure with an immersive and dynamic approach.

Consider a different method with the inclusion of a sleek motion graphics. Sophisticated animations offer a unique way to break up a video and ensure engagement is kept to a maximum. We also have the ability to produce web videos for any educational portals, formats and mediums you may have in operation.

Who we’ve worked with in the past

We are proud to have partnered with several prestigious institutions including The University of Sydney, Ascham School, and NSW Healthshare and we are always looking to develop more partnerships in this area. Our reputation for obtaining outstanding results and exceeding our customers’ expectations has led to us becoming a trusted name in the industry. Whether for event video production or a corporate application, our creative solutions always aim to go above and beyond.

Event videography is an astoundingly effective way to convey your message and Sydney brand to a diverse audience. This creative medium is an effective tool for engagement and building relationships with current or potential clients.

Engage your audience like never before

If you'd like to get in touch and see how we can help your institution, department or project contact us today. We aim to work hand in hand with you to offer a customised solution that has been tailored to your specific needs. Speak with us about the message you would like to convey and watch us bring your ideas to life.

Reach us on 1300 856 894 for any further questions or to book a meeting – we’re ready to tell your story.

When it comes to choosing between film production companies available in Sydney to tell your story, choose a team who will take the outside the box approach.

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