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Engage and convert. high-quality and stylised website video production can engage audiences across Sydney and the globe at low costs.

The content of an online video can vary dramatically, from a simple talking-head style interview to an artistic encapsulation of your brand or story. Whichever style suits you and your videography requirements, we strive to engage your audience in an exciting and thought-provoking way.

Embrace the web

With the digital world changing the way we communicate, TV and print are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Website video production is now the leading medium for communicating your brand to the world, and to be successful in this realm, you need to be creative.

Creativity underlies everything we do at Alexander Thomas Media Co and we use this approach to provide distinct and engaging web video production services to help Sydney brands step forward in this competitive market. A web video is nothing without meaningful content.

We believe that the best way to make it connect with your target audience is to ensure the content and story drives the production. Regardless of the information you need to put forth in your website’s video, we look at it from an artistic perspective. Even the dullest of topics can be stimulating when the content is delivered in a meaningful and astonishingly beautiful way.

What our productions deliver

Our vision is to deliver content that is relevant and engaging. We understand our client’s needs and deliver productions that exceed expectations. We may be a small Sydney Production company but what we produce is of the highest standards, ensuring everything we put our name on is outstanding, every time.

Our production services have been used by some of Sydney’s leading businesses. With world leading clients like Allianz, Westpac and The University of Sydney, our reputation for unique and creative excellence is growing fast. Not only do we help put new and creative spins on big brands like theirs, we also help guide and nurture new comers such as startups and entrepreneurs stepping out for the first time.

Consider a fresh and creative take for your brand. view our showreel and previous productions from around Sydney to experience the standard we deliver. Contact us today to begin your creative leap into the online video world.

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When it comes to choosing between film production companies available in Sydney to tell your story, choose a team who will take the outside the box approach.

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