The Candle Charger

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Having supported Stower in their original kickstarter campaign, we were thrilled to hear they were launching a new product, aimed at a new audience. The candle charger provides emergency light and power from a small single candle based device, yes literally using a candle, from which you can charge anything from your mobile phone, your GPS, or even your iPad.

Filmed by our San Francisco team, the brief was to show viewers that this device wasn’t just for camping and hiking, it was designed for every day use in suburbia as well. Their goal was to show this in an emotional and cinematic way and as these are our two favourite words, we immediately set out to find the right piece of music and write a script to give this video a visually engaging look that spoke to people wherever they were in the world, at home, stuck in traffic or lost in the middle of nowhere. 


Actors Casting Call
Creative Direction
Motion Graphics
On-Set Production
Script Writing
Set Design
Sound Design
Voiceover Casting


Rode Microphone
Arri Lighting
Cine Lenses
Sony A7S Camera
Vocal Booth

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